Weekly Vacation Rentals Instead of HotelsThere’s a Thought

Island accommodations

Vacation is such a fun subject to talk about! The planning can be almost as much fun as the doing! Many people look forward to their vacation time each year more than anything else they might be planning to do. A lot of families are now opting to take advantage of weekly vacation rentals available at many popular locations. In most cases, finding a beachfront condo for rent or island oceanfront rentals turn out to be much more cost effective than would a hotel or resort, especially if a family is vacationing together.

Weekly vacation rentals can be a home away from home. Vacationers have their privacy, but are in their chosen location where they can take advantage of their favorite activities and sports. Or, just do nothing at all. When choosing a rental over a hotel room, customers will bring their own groceries, which will cut down immensely on the cost of meals while away. However, some rental condos or rental homes will actually provide a kitchen stocked with food, along with dishes, cooking apparatus, and utensils, which, of course, will raise the price of the stay while still remaining affordable. In many cases linens are provided and a clothes washer and dryer are also in the rented unit. Studies show that 52% of people reported feeling relaxed upon their return from vacation. In addition, 49% say that they are able to sleep later when they are away. Also according to statistics, spending time on vacation enables 53% of adults to return to work feeling rested and well.

Many people enjoy golf as a form of relaxation, especially when on vacation. When looking for a state well stocked with golf courses, golf enthusiasts will find Florida to be among the top, with 1,300 golf courses to choose from. As a matter of fact, many individuals, as well as families, will discover a haven somewhere in the state of Florida where they will take advantage of weekly vacation rentals for several years in a row, and finally make the decision to stay. It is not surprising that each day 1,000 new people make Florida their new home.

For vacationers who enjoy fishing, there are an unlimited number of locations to choose from in order to take advantage of weekly vacation rentals and fish to their heart’s content. There are many island accommodations and oceanfront condominiums right on the water where fishing is abundant. Island fishing is a favorite pastime among many sportsmen and sportswomen where accommodations are available within walking distance to the shore or the dock. Tackle shops and boat rentals are just a few steps away.

Among executives 78% have said they need their vacation time in order to prevent personal burnout, 68% feel that being away and relaxing improves their creativity, and 75% believe that their own job performance is enhanced by including a vacation in their schedule. Vacation time, although only a small amount of time out of the year, is a necessary activity for the emotional, mental, and physical health of every individual and every family. Vacation is a gift people give themselves by filling it with everything they love and enjoy most.

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