The Accessory You Need to Tote Your Work Materials in Style

Mens leather belts

You’re heading to work or school and packing up your laptop, notebooks, snacks, and other necessities. As you swing your bag around your shoulders, you may have a brief Kimmy Schmidt-inspired monologue:

“Does this backpack look babyish?”

It’s really a shame that backpacks aren’t fashionable because they’re so practical. Cross-body and shoulder bags can cause discomfort from having weight on just one shoulder (not to mention back problems), while backpacks offer much more evenly distributed support.

Men often find difficulty in finding bags that are sophisticated enough to take to work, and also don’t look like a ladies’ handbag. Fear not. There is a way to upgrade your look while also staying comfortable.


Mens leather backpacks are stylish as well as practical. Mens leather messenger bags and leather backpacks appeared on the runway at New York Fashion Week earlier this year, proving time and time again that leather is timeless and sleek in any form.

Leather comes in all sorts of finishes, styles, and colors. From varying shades of brown, to black, patent, suede, or full grain, fine leather goods are guaranteed to make a statement and last in your closet until they fall apart from wear; leather will never go out of style.

Even if you do wear leather often — a mens leather backpack is a five-days-a-week item — the material is very durable and takes lots of wear to finally break if you treat it correctly.

Leather care is very important, otherwise the material can lose its luster or start to show signs of rotting.

Regularly oiling leather with mink or neatsfoot oil will preserve the quality of the grain, the appearance of the leather, as well as the durability of the material. Neglecting to clean and oil your leather will result in fading and breaking.

Only some leathers are water-resistent after tanning, so be sure to check any paperwork that comes with your leather tote, boots, jacket, or other, in order to treat the material properly.

Mens leather backpacks should be waterproofed with a grease or wax-based rub-on coating, like Saddle Soap, a silicone polymer spray, or acrylic co-polymer spray in order to maintain a classic, sophisticated, long lasting finish. For more about this, go here.

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