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  • The Accessory You Need to Tote Your Work Materials in Style

    You’re heading to work or school and packing up your laptop, notebooks, snacks, and other necessities. As you swing your bag around your shoulders, you may have a brief Kimmy Schmidt-inspired monologue: “Does this backpack look babyish?” Card It’s really a shame that backpacks aren’t fashionable because they’re so practical. Cross-body and shoulder bags can […]

  • 3 Reasons Every Woman Should Own a Leather Bag

    The nature of fashion is cyclical; trends go in and out of style every season, and only the classics are left standing. But how often do women hold onto their purses year after year? When we purchase inexpensive, low-quality bags, we expect to replace them on an annual basis. But leather bags are timeless, functional, […]

  • Brooklyn Startup to Start Innovative Identical Leather Substitute With Humanitarian and Environmental Benefits

    Whether you’re looking for a new leather jacket or leather totes for women, a new product could change the leather industry. Modern Meadow, a Brooklyn-based started company, just finished another round of investment funding, reportedly raking in $40 million for the development and production of their biofabricated leather product. According to The Christian Science Monitor, […]