Engraved Rocks Make Great Memories of Loved Ones!

Engraved stones

Custom engraved stones are very popular mementos. These custom engraved stones can be thought of as quirky gifts for friends, or they can be more sentimental and be used as unique wedding gifts. While many are familiar with Anniversary stones, one must know that custom engraved stones and rock engraving in general began with simply understanding the three major rock types. These rock types are the igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. Furthermore, it is important to understand that there are archeological sites in Australia that are over 25,000 years old with rocks known as petroglyphs that are that old. Imagine getting a custom engraved stone made of this?

Many children are familiar with custom engraved stones that come in the form of a Pet Rock. They were meant to be a gag gift that Gary Dahl invented. His so called invention left him laughing all the way to the bank with a 2 million dollar gross profit. Pet Rocks and other engraved stones have proved to have multiple uses and the ability to memorialize pets and loved ones is definitely part of their lasting power. Custom engraved stones have been around for so long, that it is amazing that one can even trace the oldest known form of rock engraving in America. Ironically enough, it was a stick figured man with an oversized phallus!

It goes to show that custom engraved stones can serve a purpose for all. They have a long history that dates back thousands of years. This is due to the fact that rocks have been in the natural environment. By having the ability to make them custom engraved stones, we have found a way to take nature and make it into our own and give it sentimental value. This value has served to bring about a cultural phenomenon in the form of a custom engraved stone. When we understand where the custom engraved stone comes from, we are better able to appreciate the custom engraved stone and the beauty that Earth has provided us in this form.

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