Want To Give Back To Your Community? Donate Unwanted Clothes Or Furniture

Children in need clothing

What is a Purple Heart in the military? Originating as a decoration to those who have served, it’s also a charitable donation that spans many different furniture, clothes and knick-knacks to help those who need it most. The military order of the Purple Heart has proven to be a fantastic option for people looking to do a little spring cleaning and give back to their environment and community at large. Thanks to charities that pick up donations, you don’t even have to worry about your busy schedule conflicting with your ability to help out those in need. Below are the top four reasons you should consider gathering up your unwanted and gently used items and giving them to charity donations or the military order of the Purple Heart.

The Environment Could Use Your Help

Did you know that the average person will generate nearly five pounds of trash every day? That adds up to well over a ton of solid waste every year, much of which include easily recyclable textiles and materials. Research has shown 12 million tons of clothing and textile waste sent to dumps all across the country, even though the vast majority of common materials used in clothing can be reused and re-purposed. These include, but are not limited to — latex, cotton, wool and spandex. The EPA has estimated that a stunning 75% of solid watse can be reused again, so shrinking those dumps and expanding everyone’s opportunities is a win-win situation. When you could help save 25 million trees by donating a mere one-tenth of your newspapers, helping out is easier than ever before.

Clear Out Your Closet

Clutter is a known stress-causing element in many a household and apartment, so going out of your way to clean can help significantly in making you feel more at home. Psychological studies have seen participants with cleaner environments showing fewer stress markers and better concentration issues than those constantly surrounded by clutter and disorder. If you’ve struggled with constant irritability and trouble sleeping or concentrating, consider giving your house a makeover and get rid of any items you’re not using. You could reap the benefits in a matter of days!

Give Back To Your Community

Donating to the military order of the Purple Heart is an endeavor that sees you doing your part to breathe life into your neighborhood and local businesses. Thrift shops have proven particularly useful for students on fixed budgets and families on hard times, offering reasonably priced and gently used items ranging from furniture to clothes to appliances. You can even receive tax breaks for donating more expensive items, such as coffee makers or three-piece suits, to reduce financial strain in all areas of your life.

Local Donation Pick Ups

So, you’re keen on giving back to your community and going green in the process. How are you going to deliver your items when you have kids to watch and school to manage? The majority of charitable donations offer free pick up services — all you have to do is give them a call and a time to pick up your items and they’ll stop by to take whichever boxes or bags you have set outside your door. With the economy becoming increasingly expensive and environmentally aware measures rising in awareness, little actions like donating will have a major effect on people and the surrounding environment alike. What will you donate to the military order of the Purple Heart?

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