Trendy Mother Daughter Jeans Make a Statement

Metallic foil jeans

Every year, about 450 million pairs of jeans are purchased by consumers. It all makes sense, since the typical American has seven pairs of jeans in his or her closet. Increasingly, trendy jeans like mother daughter jeans, boyfriend jeans, colored jeans, printed jeans and other forms of womens designer jeans are making their way into women’s closets, simply since the fit is getting better and the options are getting more vast.

When shopping for jeans, women are often drawn to trendy styles like mother daughter jeans because they are following the trends that celebrities are starting and that designers are pushing. They are paying top dollar too for these mother daughter jeans and other varieties, since the retail mark up for jeans averages 54 percent. This means retailers pay 54 percent less for the jeans they buy from vendors.

Today’s fashion conscious woman may not care that the word denim actually is a French term that translates into the town where the fabric first was made: de Nimes. Or that denim originally was used in the Navy starting in 1901, after sailors had spent years wearing bell bottom pants because they wanted something that was easier to roll up above their knees when they were washing decks. They do, however, care about the latest trends in both mother daughter jeans and other types of denim. They appreciate the history, but they are more concerned with the future of denim and what they should be wearing today.

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