The Underground Brand Celebrities and Skaters Seek Out

Supreme bags

Here’s the thing: the Supreme brand is not for everyone. That exclusivity is totally on purpose, too. A lot of companies stress the importance of accessibility and customer service. But Supreme is not like a lot of companies. And yet, it’s gained underground traction to the point where it’s been endorsed by countless popular celebrities and has produced successful collaborations with other well-known brands.
So what’s the Supreme clothing brand secret? It’s that restricted, privileged attitude. It’s the knowledge that not just anyone can wear Supreme apparel. It’s the same reason why designer brands are so highly desired by those who can’t readily access them. Supreme’s success is fueled by those who want what they can’t have, and by fascination with fitting in.
The Supreme clothing brand has also stayed loyal to its roots. It started out with skaters, wearing their Supreme hats on their boards. Did you know that 77% of skateboarders would rather shop with small specialty brands and boutiques over the top recognizable labels on the market? The Supreme clothing brand took that overwhelming fidelity from their fan base super seriously, and that’s why they haven’t sold out. Although they started out in boutiques, the company also recognized the importance of being able to buy Supreme online; they knew that stores with an Internet presence instead of a brick-and-mortar shop can earn up to $100,000 a year in profit. Although they’ve kept their physical stores, the option to shop Supreme clothing online is definitely appealing to their customers.
But they aren’t just offering Supreme hats to skaters anymore. The brand has had a lot of celebrity support, too. These endorsements aren’t from the pages of a teen magazine; they have way more legitimacy. The brand’s exclusive attitude extends even to the celebrities permitted to promote Supreme shirts: Kate Moss, Lou Reed, Lady Gaga — and even Kermit the Frog — have been known to rock their Supreme gear.
In a saturated market, there’s a lot of pressure for companies to appeal to a wide audience in order to guarantee sales. But Supreme doesn’t follow anyone’s lead. Their online selection is limited and sells out quickly; their retail stores have few locations; their name is familiar only to those in the know. And they want to keep it that way.

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