The Top Two Promo Items Businesses Should Give Away in Addition to Promotional Towels

Screen printed tee shirts

There are so many ways in which businesses can advertise their existence and market their products, especially with the prevalence of social media, digital marketing, and so many other avenues that the internet has created. And while all of these have allowed and empowered businesses to connect and interact with their target audiences in real ways that were once thought to be impossible, real world advertising and marketing techniques such as creating promotional materials and merchandise are still very much relevant, and appreciated. What customer doesn’t want to sport a t shirt, drink from a coffee mug, dry their hair with a towel, or carry their favorite gear around in a custom promotional tote bag from their favorite brand?

Nowadays, businesses still have real opportunities to connect with their customers and create a strong sense of brand loyalty and recognition by creating promotional gear. Even though a lot of emphasis and focus is placed on digital advertising and marketing in order to create a strong, workable online presence, that doesn’t mean that old school, brick and mortar applications are no longer applicable, relevant, or successful. In fact, businesses can create an even stronger sense of brand recognition by using both brick and mortar and digital marketing techniques in combination with each other. It’s all about creating a sense of consistency in terms of the brand.

So what are some of the best promotional items that companies can invest in? Check out a few of these common examples.

Promotional towels

If there’s one thing that people can’t get enough of, it’s custom promotional towels. After all, you can never have too many towels in your house and there’s always a need for them. Whether it’s drying the dog off after a bath, a day at the beach, a workout at the gym, or just for cleaning up around the house, there’s always a need for promotional towels. And when a company’s logo is emblazoned across promotional towels, it helps to effortlessly reinforce and solidify the brand’s imagery and message in the mind of the customer.

Promotional t-shirts

T-shirts are about as American as you can get, right up there with apple pie and cherry red pick up trucks. Customers can never, ever, ever get enough or have too many t shirts. Not only are they fashion staples, but they’re also a great way to spread the message about a business and their products or services to other customers. Companies can kick the brand power of promotional t shirts up a notch by compressing them into compressed t-shirts, which can be compressed and molded to fit a variety of unique sizes and shapes. For example, if a business was running a Valentine’s Day special on their product or service, then they might offer promotional compressed t shirts molded in heart shapes.

Promotional coffee mugs

Promotional glassware and coffee mugs are usually the go-to promotional item for businesses and it’s easy to see why; people always love them and people will always use them. And similar to promotional t shirts and towels, promotional coffee mugs and glassware with plastered in a company’s logo is great way to keep the brand fresh on the mind of the owner and this also has the potential to attract new customers as well.

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