The Top Travel Tips When Visiting Paris

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Paris is often known as the city of romance. However, people often only make the trek to the city of romance during the summer. Meanwhile, a winter or spring vacation in Paris can be a wonderful experience. Whether you’re trying to make your spring break escape right now or are planning for next year, these travel tips should help make your winter/spring trip to Paris a smashing success:

Planning for the Elements
Although Paris doesn’t see a great deal of snow (or any at all for that matter) in March and April, it is a time of year where chilly weather and constant rainfall is common. That being said, it’s important to pack for the elements. Bring lots of clothing that you can layer and you’ll want to pack a pair of waterproof shoes and a warm raincoat. While dressing for the elements helps, it’s probably a good idea to plan a number of indoor activities. For example, going shopping in Paris or visiting a Parisian museum is a great way to while away the hours in France.

Winter and Spring are the Off Seasons
This is sometimes the best time of year to go because there are far less tourists running amok in the historical and beautiful streets of Paris. This means you’ll have a chance to visit all of the famous attractions without the ridiculous lines. Springtime means that spring tourist attractions will be underway, and you might catch a glimpse of the beautiful gardens and flowers!

Luxury Apartments Offer an Authentic Paris Experience
If you’re looking to stay in Paris and live authentically and in style, renting a condo is an affordable and feasible way of doing so. Luxury apartments are tucked in the heart of Paris, and offer all of the amenities a hotel would offer and more. These apartments have kitchens; this means that you can shop around the local markets like a true Parisian and have a chance to cook your own meals with their fine ingredients. Not only will you save money, but you’ll be experiencing the culture in a whole new way!

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