Seven Unique Ideas for Throwing the Best Wedding Reception Ever

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Your wedding is arguably the biggest day of your life. However, let’s be honest, it’s not the biggest day of your guests’ lives. Likewise, their wedding day wasn’t all that important to you. You went to support them, and to maybe enjoy the party. Worst case, you lost a Saturday evening at a boring reception. Since you want your guests to have the time of their lives, rather than just enduring the evening with the fake smile on their faces out of their love for you, here are some fun details that will make it the party of the century for all:

  1. A Memorable First Dance

    Your guests will humor you through your first dance. For the most part though, watching you glide around the dance floor to a romantic song is not really entertaining. However, if the music suddenly switches and you break into a choreographed version of Thriller, that makes a fun wedding reception! Make sure somebody knows about the surprise, so that they can film it– everyone loves viral wedding dance videos.
  2. Give Out Fun Party Favors
    Remember when you were a kid, the excitement you experienced when you went to a birthday party and were handed a goodie bag? Putting together simple, but fun goody bags is a great way to give your guests that same sense of joy. Consider adding things that both bring merriment to the party– such as masks, photo props, and noisemakers– and some things that are for their enjoyment– such as chocolate and treats.
  3. A Build-your-own-whatever Station
    Guests love interactive food stations. It allows them to choose their own flavor preferences for meal that they love, as well as provides a source of entertainment when they take a break from the dance floor. The sky is the limit with the customize food stations, but popular ones are: burrito bars, omelette stations, build your own cupcake or sundae tables.
  4. Add a Surprise to the Night
    By the time you go through your 20s, you’ve probably gone to dozens of weddings, and most of them blur together. Incorporating a wild surprise that your guests never expected will create a fun evening and make sure the night stands out in their memories. Consider a comedic magician, a special mariachi band, or to get totally unconventional, hire a face painter or a petting zoo! Your guests will never forget getting to take a camel ride during your reception!
  5. Provide Long Sparklers
    There are about five million benefits to long sparklers for weddings. Long sparklers are fairly safe (as far as fireworks go), so it’s a good choice if your festivities include children or inebriated adults. Long sparklers are classy and create awesome overexposed photos. Long sparklers create a beautiful and whimsical send off, and are safer for birds than rice. Another benefit, on top of the merriment that adds to your wedding, is quality wedding sparklers are fairly inexpensive.
  6. Add Entertainment to the Table Setting
    When Mary Kate Olsen married her French banker husband last November, she arranged for “bowls of cigarettes” to be placed that each of the tables, so that guests could smoke the night away. Maybe that is not your cup of tea. However, incorporating something for guests to do at their tables is a great way to ensure that they are never bored. Consider small table games, colored pencils and paper place mats, table top s’more stations, or even an origami tutorial, if you’re really trying to be outside of the box.
  7. Keep it Comfortable
    If you are uncomfortable in your beautiful dress during your reception, you are not going to have fun. Even if you look gorgeous, if you feel miserable, it will convey in the photos. Consider doing a wardrobe change into a fun (but still beautiful) party dress that will allow you to dance the night away. Likewise, your guests may not understand the importance of being comfortable when they pick out their own attire. While you cannot control what your guests wear to your wedding, consider providing inexpensive flip-flops so that they can cut a rug without hurting their feet.

Do you have any other great tips for creating a super fun wedding reception? Please add them to the comment section below.

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