Photography is Your Key to Selling What You Want Sold

Photo enhancement services

These days almost everything we buy and sell has something to do with photographs. We buy things online largely based on the display pictures we see when browsing. This goes for everything from books to homes and everything in between. The bottom line is if there isn’t a good quality picture on the website that is advertising the item, that item stands a very small chance of being sold.

The real estate market is a perfect example of how good quality photos can sell something quickly. In the $400,000 to $500,000 price range, 64% of homes that were shot and displayed using a DSLR camera sold inside of six months. Point and shoot style cameras did not have the same success rate. only 46% of homes that were shot for display with point and shoot cameras sold. Obviously, the better quality picture the quicker the home will sell. This is also reflected in the homes for sale in the million dollar plus range. These homes also sold more quickly with 35% of them being shot by professional photographers. Retouching for professional photographers is one of the techniques that makes their photographs stand out. Point and shoot cameras simply can’t keep up with the quality. Real estate photography is all part of the advertising for a listed home. In fact, many would site a professional photographer and professional photo editing services as the essential part of their advertising and marketing plan.

But real estate is far from the only industry to use photography for their advertising strategy. The advertising trade produces $149 billion annually. Finding a photographer is not a very difficult process as there are about 41.44 million of them in the US alone. Most of them are freelance photographers and many businesses would rather hire a freelance photographer than take one on as a full-time employee. Most photographers have their own studios and have the equipment to deliver on the requests of those who hire them. Retouching for professional photographers might be something they outsource, as might be printing services. This is all done with the professional photo styling you might expect when you see a quality photo either online or in person.

Of course, weddings are on of the places you are almost always going to find a photographer. Finding a quality photographer is one of the most important parts of planning a wedding. Keeping a beautiful collection of wedding photographs for posterity is something that almost every couple dreams about. Almost every bride loves the idea of being photographed in the dress she has picked out for the special occasion of her wedding. When it comes to weddings, retouching for professional photographers is something that is done all the time, and presenting the bride and groom with their special day in a picture is an extremely rewarding endeavor.