New Pandora Charms Let Women Express Individuality

New pandora charms

New Pandora charms come out every year. Small and inexpensive, these little charms are highly customizable, and have entered the hearts of women on both sides of the Atlantic. As the latest batch of 2012 charms have endeared women even further, 2013 promises to be an even better year with women expressing themselves through Pandora.

New Pandora charms work because they are easily customizable. A woman would own a bracelet, often made by Pandora, that can hold various charms. Often, she collects charms from year to year, choosing ones she feel express her individuality the best. Of course, this model encourages customer loyalty for Pandora.

New Pandora charms are a hallmark of the Pandora business. Starting as a jewelry wholesaler in Denmark, the company released the charm concept in 2000, which let consumers customize the bracelets with charms they selected. After gaining rapid popularity in Europe, the concept spread to the United States in 2003. Since then, and for every year afterwards, New pandora charms have flooded the American marketplace.

New Pandora charms are also designed and manufactured in house. According to their corporate website, Pandora designs all new Pandora charms in Denmark, and manufactures them at a wholly owned subsidiary in Thailand. This production model, Pandora feels, reduces costs that are passed on to consumers, keeping Pandora charms an affordable option.

New Pandora charms come in many different styles, especially new Pandora charms fall 2012 released. Many are abstract designs, often employing a circle or spiral motif. Many charms are dangling, with images of stars, hearts, angels, and many other objects. One design even has a caduceus on it. This, along with many other designs, can be added to a bracelet to help a woman express her individuality.

No matter what personality a woman has, there is are new Pandora charms that are right for her. Whether they are designs, symbols, letters spelling her name, or images of her favorite vacation destination, they are likely to have something a woman can use to customize her bracelet, and express her individuality. With such a hold on women, many wonder what new Pandora charms will be released for Fall 2013. Read more articles like this.


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