Make Your Feet Happy with These Tips for Getting Comfortable Boots for Work

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When your feet hurt or are uncomfortable, it can make everything worse. For people who are on their feet all day, this can pose real problems. In an average day, the typical person will walk about 10,000 steps. For construction workers and laborers, that number climbs to approximately 30,000. Work boots are essential to keeping workers safe. Foot injuries at the workplace are often prevented by wearing durable, steel toe boots. In reported foot injuries in the workplace, only 23% of the workers had on safety boots or shoes. When workers wearing boots hurt their feet, at least 85% sustained the injury on a non-protected part of their foot. Getting comfortable work books, workers are much more likely to wear them making this very important.

Get boots that fit correctly.

That may seem like a given but when many people overlook this important part of getting comfortable work boots. This means you will need to take more time on the process but it will be well worth it when you are on a work site and your feet are happy. If your boots are too narrow or are too short, your feet will hate you. You can get blisters and hot spots from boots that are too big and allow your feet too move too much.

To get the right fit:

  • When you try on the work boots, wear the same socks you plan to wear to work. You can buy some with more padding on the bottom to protect your feet better. There are also some socks that have a wool/polyester blend that can keep your comfortable work boots work well in cold and hot weather.
  • Walk around in the boots for a bit before you leave the store. Rock back and forth on your heels to see how your feet move in the boots.
  • Move your feet in the boot. See how that feels.
  • Try on the boots at the end of the day. Your feet swell as the day goes on so you should try on new footwear when your feet are at their biggest.

Invest in quality, comfortable work boots.

There are times when the name of the brand you buy is not important but there are also times when it is. You will end up spending more money on your boots if you get a cheaper pair. This is most definitely not the time to buy the cheapest boots you can find. Cheap boots can cost you more money because they will not last very long, they may also provide inadequate protection. When you go to the store, talk to the salesperson about your needs and they can help you find the best boots.

Your feet will thank you if you switch out your boots regularly.

When you find good comfortable work boots that your feet like, it is worth it to buy a few pairs (maybe even get three pairs). Your footwear will last longer if you do not wear your boots until they fall apart. This also gives your boots a chance to completely dry out between the times when you wear them. You will be more comfortable wearing your boots and you will extend their lifespan.

Be good to your boots.

Proper boot maintenance will make them last longer and be more comfortable.

  • Keep your boots dry. They will get wet at work but you can take steps to dry them out when you get home. You can air dry your boots. You do not need to use a lot of heat. If you use insoles, taking them out will make both dry faster. You can use balled up newspaper to dry out your boots faster.
  • Clean your boots every day. First get any mud off of them. Leaving mud on your boots can dry them out. You can use a brush. A mix of water and vinegar will work at getting all of the salt off.
  • Use conditioner on leather boots. All leather can use some conditioning, though waterproof boots need much less. When you buy your boots, ask about what products will work best.

It does not take rocket science to keep your feet happy, just some effort and attention.


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