Keeping Your Identity Safe While Online Shopping

Online shopping safety

Shopping online is a great way to save time and money, but can leave you vulnerable to identity theft if not careful. With many news stories about stolen credit cards and identities, you many wonder “Is online shopping safe?” Being informed on safety online can keep the deals coming and your information safe.

Many people feel safe online shopping with major retailers like Amazon or department stores, and using them is generally a safe bet. Venturing to small retailers you have never heard of can lead to online shopping risks. With the great deals and wide selection available on major retailers websites, be wary of deals the emanate from overseas websites. They may be legitimate, but you could end up paying huge import taxes and suffer poor exchange rates on your “great deal.”

Another important tip for safety online, is not to shop on public WiFi. Feel free to browse to your hearts content, but public WiFi can leave personal information at risk. Hot spots are by their nature unsecured, so it would not take much work for a hacker to intercept the credit card info you are trying to send a retailer to make a purchase. Wait till you are at home or connected to a secure connection before giving out credit card information.

If you are concerned with online shopping safety, do not shop online with a debit card. Debit cards do not offer the same levels of safety online as a credit card if your information is compromised. With debit cards being tied directly to bank accounts, thieves can liquidate accounts before you ever even notice there is a problem. Credit cards will frequently offer customers 100 percent no liability coverage if the card is used fraudulently.

With a few simple steps, and being aware safety online is not a difficult prospect. Follow these steps and you can help limit the chances of thieves getting your credit card information. As with most things, safety online can frequently be increased with a little bit of know how.

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