Improve The Look Of Your Space By Adding A Unique Tolix Stool

Ghost chairs

If you presently have an interest in adding to your stool collection or in bringing a dramatic new effect to your living spaces, consider a Tolix stool. This kind of stool generally is made from galvanized steel and has its own unique look, which fits in with both modern and traditional home decor. A Tolix stool makes a unique fashion statement as well, with its long legs and its amply sized seat. It can work with whatever spaces you have to make your room seem more aesthetically appealing and quite functional too.

To add to your Tolix stool, also consider some other designer chairs, which all could fit in nicely to create a mix of styles, patterns, and colors. Creating this kind of chaotically thrown together space is not necessarily a fashion faux pas but rather an experiment in creativity. You can throw in an Eames lounge chair, a Noguchi coffee table and even some replica furniture from some of the world’s top designers to piece together a room that will stand out.

On its own, a Tolix stool will stand just fine, but consider adding Ghost chairs and other home decor elements to give the room pop. By doing so, you are experimenting with your own tastes while breaking traditional rules of home decoration. But it will feel liberating since these chairs, coffee tables and pieces of furniture all are pieces of art in and of themselves. Your space, then, will almost feel like an art gallery.

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