How to Plan an Elegant Event

Renting linens for a wedding reception

Planning an event can be a very fun endeavor but it’s also a little bit stressful trying to make sure that everything is in place as it should be. Renting specialty linens and tables and chairs and finding the best place to rent all of the things that you will need, depending on what type of event it is, can be a full time job. And then finding out where to rent table linens, chairs and dance floors and the rest of it; it’s painful. One main part of being in charge of an event is making sure that everything is in style. Unless, of course you are trying to arrange a throw back party. However, if that’s not your goal, you don’t want it to look like it was. Ensuring the patterns, styles and decor are up to date is very important for distinguished events. Let’s go over a few styles that will be very in this season for you to keep in mind while renting specialty linens.

  1. Colors
    Bright and bold is out and soft and pastel is in. Blush, gold and mint are the most popular colors of last season and are still usable now. Neutrals are always a safe bet. Try to avoid the temptation to have a pop of color if your event is supposed to be an elegant affair. Linen rental companies advise decorators to mix and match subtle, neutral colors so that the entire event glistens and looks full of life but is not overwhelming. Keep in mind that people have different clothing styles so keeping with the neutrals will ensure that the decor does not clash with any of the guests.

  2. Patterns
    Rental linens may be limited on the type of patterns that you can choose from but if you plan on renting specialty linen you will have a wider selection of patterns and colors and textures. Again, bold patterns are not exactly out but they aren’t exactly in either, especially when it comes to party decorations. If you want to have an accent decor, try picking a pattern that can be sprinkled through out the event. Chevrons and zig zags are a good idea. They can keep the decor organized and in line but give a little difference to the mundane effect of neutrals. Swirls and block patterns do not do well unless used in a very small amount or area.

  3. Textures
    Lace and burlap are good examples of textures that will go with a neutral and earthy theme. Using a see through overlay with a pattern on it is a good way to add texture when renting specialty linens. This also for difference and dimension without overtaking the room. If you are going to use patterns, try to minimize the textures or vice versa. They can compliment each other nicely if done correctly but when over done, the result can be messy, disorganized and quite simply, catastrophic. Sometimes, it can be hard to picture a room decorated with all three of these elements and working well together so try finding some ideas online before getting started.

  4. Placement
    This is very important. The best way to display textures and patterns is in the centerpieces and gatherings elsewhere in the room. Let the main decor be in the colors and somewhat in the textures and leave the patterns to emphasize the table tops and food displays. If you plan on having flowers as part of your centerpieces and decor, make sure their colors blend with the decor and fit the type of event you are throwing. Unique flowers are always best when throwing a state of the art event.

Your goal is to have the guests walk in to the venue and be wowed by the transformation. Especially if it is in a place that they are familiar with; you don’t want them to recognize it. Everyone space to be seen to and every detail in place. As the decorator, you should not enjoy the event. You should be constantly looking for ways to make the room look even better throughout the evening. A good decorator should constantly be fixing and adjusting and positioning. If you are exhausted and worn out by the time the event is over, then you have done your job.

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