How Can Bioelectric Shields Keep You and Your Family Safe?

Emf protection necklace

The rapid growth in the use of computers and cell phones has increased our exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiation. The impact of non-ionizing radiation – such as microwaves, radio frequencies from wireless technology, ground current and the extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields associated with electricity – are harmful to humans and pets. Long term exposure can have health and emotional consequences. Some types of protection, such as EMF protection necklaces, can help to literally ground and connect you to the earth’s own magnetic fields, harmonizing your mind and body.

What are EMFs?
Appliances like microwaves and wireless devices like cell phones and computers all emit EMFs. In fact cell phones emit radiation all the time, even if they are not in use. The new energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs emit EMFs in the range of 50 to 100 kHz. With the installation of cell phone towers, we are all exposed to this radiation.
In fact, children’s exposure is even greater, because cell phone towers are often located at pre-school, church day-care, and school campuses. Young children can face exposure to radio frequency waves that is a thousand times higher than it was 20 to 25 years ago.

What are the consequences of EMF exposure?
Back in 2007, it was agreed that the existing public safety limits for EMF exposure were not enough to protect public health, and that because of increased cell phone use, new public safety limits for exposure to EMFs were necessary. National studies have found that adults in the 81 to 91 age group exposed to GSM cell phone radiation, suffered from headaches, neurological problems, and problems with sleeping and concentration. Likewise, in 2010, a study of children and adolescents from 8 to 17 years of age revealed that the consequences of short-term EMF exposure included headaches, irritation, and problems in concentration in school.

What are bioelectric shields?
Bioelectric shields and electromagnetic protection products block harmful radiation. They can come in several different forms, such as EMF protection necklaces. The shielding can cover individuals, rooms, or whole house. Special shields are available for pets, children and automobiles.
Bioelectric shields like EMF protection necklaces work by bringing your body and mind in harmony with the earth’s own magnetic fields, blocking out the effects of harmful radiation. Users say that wearing these shields gives you the same feeling that you get when you lie on the grass with with face against the ground, and can feel the earth “breathe”. EMF blockers let you carry that feeling around with you as you go about your workday, connecting you to the earth and its benevolent energies.

Who should use EMF protection necklaces?
For certain groups – empaths who are especially sensitive to EMFs, people with ADHD, those who travel often or work with computers – EMF dangers are magnified. EMF shielding can protect them from the harmful radiation, by surrounding them with targeted protection.
Children and pets are especially at risk because of their small size and delicate make-up. EMF shields can keep your whole family – humans and pets – safe and connected.

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