Guitars for Sale (Jem Ibanez, Randy Rhoads, Fender)

Electric fender stratocaster guitars

Bowl harps are the earlier stringed instruments that archaeologists have discovered, some of which being made from tortoise shells and tanburs. The most famous stringed instrument producer was, at one time, Antonio Stradivarius, who is best known for violins; he did, however, make five stringed guitars. Only four of these exist today, more than three hundred years old. Invented in 1931, the electric guitar became practically the most important instrument in modern music. Electric Fender Stratocaster guitars have been continuously produced since they were designed in 1954, and one of these guitars sold for almost three million dollars in 2005. Granted, it had been signed by more than fifteen music legends from the twentieth century, but it has made history as the most expensive guitar in recorded history.

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