Flowers are an Important but Demanding Business

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Flowers mark most important ceremonies and holidays. 43 percent of men and 34 percent of women bought flowers or other plants for Mothers Day last year, and 50 million poinsettias were sold at Christmastime, 74 percent of which were red. At weddings, flower girls drop rose petals before the bride comes, symbolizing her transition to a passionate and loving wife. Funeral flowers Minneapolis have their own etiquette. The list of ceremonies goes on.

Flowers are often thought of as straightforward, with different types of flowers symbolizing different ceremonies. In reality, flowers are an extremely complex business. Minneapolis florists not only arrange flowers into intricate formations, as most think Minneapolis florists do. Minneapolis florists are also responsible for procuring flowers from hundreds of miles away, preserving them, and them selling them. Flowers can be damaged or destroyed at any part of the supply and storage chain, so a Minneapolis florist must be vigilant at all times.

Minneapolis florists work in big business. The Aalsmeer Flower Auction in the Netherlands is the largest in the world, taking up the fourth largest building by floor space. Most of the buyers, who are usually whole sellers, resell the flowers to Minneapolis florists, such as tulips. As the flowers are time sensitive, they need to be flown, which is by far the most expensive way to ship a product.

The work of a Minneapolis florist is also idiosyncratic in that demand does not always match supply. Thirty percent of all fresh flowers sold are during the Christmas and Hanukkah season. As the Northern hemisphere is frozen that time of year, Minneapolis florists rely on gigantic farms in Central and South America to fill demand. These flowers also need shipment by plane, which also adds to expense.

Being a Minneapolis florist is stressful, but there are some advantages. Flowers are beautiful, and most florists st. paul mn appreciate this. Most Minneapolis florists are also acutely aware of the symbolic importance a good flower holds. Assuming a Minneapolis florist can manage supply chain pressures, a florist can help tell a story in flowers. More often than not, that story is moving. Read more blogs like this:

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