Do You Wear An Online Safety Belt?

Safety online

I do most of my shopping online. And as time goes by, more and more people are doing their shopping online. But when I shop online, especially from a mobile internet device, I am increasingly concerned about online shopping safety. Is online shopping safe?

The news always report about online shopping risks when using your laptop in public places. I read especially scary articles about safety online at the airport and at coffee shops, where internet users are frequently targeted. I do not know if I am being paranoid or not, not nowadays I the only place I feels safe online shopping is in my own home.

One step you can take to help you achieve safe online shopping is to use a credit card instead of a debit card. It sounds like counter intuitive advice, but it is important. Credit cards offer fraud protection whereas most debit cards do not. That could mean all the difference in the world if you encounter a problem. An even safer bet for safe online shopping to use a disposable credit card. Then if there is a problem and your number is stolen, there is a specific limit of money there not connected to your account or your credit report.

Safe online shopping happens at home, on your own computer. When making purchased from your work computer, or the public library, or the cyber cafe, you have no control over who else has used the computer or who might in the future. There is no way to determined what kind of spyware might be on said computer. Safe online shopping at home, at whatever hour, in your pajamas or any other phase of dress, is the safest way to protect yourself against the dangers of online shopping. Be safe out there. Shop from home.

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