Cyber Monday Instead of Black Friday

Is online shopping safe

Did you know that 74 percent of the population of the United States uses the internet? Online shopping can be so convenient for people who do not want to go to the mall or other shopping plazas. Knowing about online shopping safety is important for people when they start making purchases online. Putting personal credit card information and addresses can be nerve wracking for shoppers and people do not want to worry. Knowing how to handle online shopping risks is helpful for keeping your personal information safe.

In 2010, alone, 186 billion dollars was spent in online shopping. Safe online shopping is very important because so many people would be dealing with problems if online shopping in general was unsafe.

The top five categories that are sold online are clothing, electronics, music, furniture, and jewelry. If you are concerned about safety online you should know that since there are so many people that shop online it would be ridiculous for online shopping to be that dangerous. Over the years online shopping has become much more safe because of preventative technology.

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year when it comes to going to stores. Cyber Monday has become more popular since online shopping has become more popular. There are a ton of online deals that people have the opportunity to take advantage of instead of dealing with the insane hassle that comes with Cyber Monday.

Although Australia is much smaller in size than the United States, 87 percent of the people in Australia have shopped online. 83 percent of people in the United States have shopped online. If you are wondering is online shopping safe you should worry much less. Since technology has advanced online shopping has become much safer.

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