Common Mistakes to Avoid When Dealing With Sparklers In a Wedding

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For fond and lasting memories of your big day, have a grand exit with a great sparkler send off session, you’re guests are bound to remember and cherish that moment. Sparklers are popularly used for outdoor weddings, but it can also be used in spacious indoor settings. They are a great way of engaging with your guests and family and an opportunity for some really nice photography shots. However, not every idea of using sparklers shines, there are cautionary measures to consider and mistakes to avoid while buying and handling sparklers.

1.Confirm with your venue the idea of using sparklers
Before buying sparklers online, you’ll need to check with the venue manager and see if they are good with the idea you lighting up the place with sparklers. Different venues have different rules, so avoid making a mistake of booking a venue before consulting of the do’s and don’t of sparklers.

2.Clear announcement
First, it is necessary to announce to your guest when exactly is the sparkle send-off taking place, and where. Your wedding planner should be able to do this. You’d want to buy sparklers and they end up unused. That’s a waste! Timing is essential also, normally, guest tend to engage in various activities especially when you’ve taken your vows, you’ll barely see some of them. Do proper announcement so they stick around and give you the send-off that you deserve.

3.Space is of concern
The actual sparkler send-off place is really important, most preferably, open outdoor location. Typically, sparkles are like small fireworks, but they are potentially hazardous. An outdoor venue for wedding send-off is suitable as it can host a big number of your guests without too much crowding. Just be safe!

4.Don’t over buy sparklers
Why would you need 1000 sparklers
, and you have 400 hundred guests? That’s a total waste. Just make sure you order enough sparklers for about 75% of the guests in attendance, that should be more than enough to sprinkle you with love. While at this, it is vital to supply your guests with enough matchboxes and lighters, wedding send-off usually takes less than a 5 minutes, no one has time to go looking for a matchbox, just because they missed it.

5.Disposing of sparklers
After you’ve received a grand exit performance, sparklers need to be put out, all of them as they serve no other purpose after the bride and groom departure. It is advisable that there should be a few galvanized steel full of sand, that should be the place where guests put off their sparklers. But water filled buckets are also functional for putting off sparklers.

The above pointers should get you prepared with your wedding send-off. Nevertheless, are sure with the type of sparkler you want for your magical departure? There are a different type of wedding sparklers to jazz up your wedding night, ranging from 10 inches, 20 inches to 36-inch sparkler. Depending on your choice, these types perform basically the same functions, but before buying sparklers online or at your local store, consider the following: Burning duration and smoke. Typically, the 36-inch wedding sparklers burn for around 4 minutes, that time is enough to see a successful send-off, while others burn under a minute.

When buying sparklers online, be cautious with the type and components making them, parades and birthday sparklers tend to differ in one way or another, there are those that emit smoke, and these are the ones to avoid for your wedding send-off. Buy quality wedding sparklers.

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