Broken-Hearted Over Cracked Ray-Bans?

Replacement lenses for ray ban

The years have seen many advances in sunglass technology. First used as early as the 12 century in China where panes of smoky quartz were used to protect the eyes from glare, sunglasses have seen many improvements and incarnations. The year 1936 was a huge one for sunglasses advancements. Edwin H. Land invented polarized lenses which could protect the eyes from harmful UV rays, and Ray Ban developed its iconic anti-glare aviators to protect the eyes of pilots and improve visibility.

Ray Ban has remained a major name in the sunglasses industry, especially enjoying the popularity of its aviators and wayfarers. Consumers across the world have purchased the iconic shades despite their $200 price tags, and a large percentage of those consumers have seen their favorite sunglasses become casualties of day-to-day wear. Every 14 seconds, someone in the world breaks his or her sunglasses accidentally.

What happens when you find your favorite Ray Bans with a cracked lens? First, probably an interjection, and maybe even an expletive. The next move, however, is what’s critical. You could toss $200 in the garbage can, or you could order some Ray Ban replacement lenses and recall your shades to life. Ray Ban replacement lenses are available through the company, but less expensive aftermarket lenses can also be purchased at a fraction of the price. Once you’ve got your Ray Ban replacement lenses, however, there’s another challenge: installation.

Installing Ray Ban Aviator Replacement Lenses

Flip your sunglasses over and look for the screws located on the underside where the arms meet the frames. Loosen that screw with the appropriate screwdriver, but don’t remove it. Pull on the frame while pushing up on the lens to extricate the broken lens. Next, align your Ray Ban replacement lenses with the frame at the bottom before popping the lenses all the way in place. Check to make sure everything is correctly aligned, and then tighten the screws. You may want to seal the screws with clear nail polish.

Installing Ray Ban Wayfarer Replacement Lenses

Support your frames with your fingers on the outside, and push the broken lens out through the front of the glasses. An intact lens can be removed by pulling on the thinnest part of the frame and twisting the lens. If you’re struggling to remove the lens, try soaking the sunglasses in hot soapy water for 30 seconds or so or applying heat from a hair dryer. Once the lens is removed, it’s also a good idea to soak the glasses in order to be sure that your glasses aren’t carrying any remnant of the old lens. Install new lenses by starting on the arm side and working around the lens until it snaps into place.

The moral of the story? Designer sunglass devotees don’t need to swear off expensive shades just because of their breakability. There are always repair options.

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