Adult Footed Pajamas Are a Whimsical and Useful Gift Idea

Women footed pajamas

The surprise box of St. Patrick’s Day gifts was supposed to stay closed until at least March 15. When the small college in Shreveport, Louisiana, announced the second day of cancelled classes, however, the suite of freshman athletes called and got permission from their mothers to open it a little early. Heavy rains and flooding had made for a soggy week, and at the first day of cancelled classes was fun. The second time, however, just meant that the girls would be studying yet another day for their final Biology lab test before Spring Break. And while the students felt like they were probably ready for the test, they were not sure how much longer they could remember the formulas and equations for the questions on the test that was again rescheduled.
When the group of seven girls dug into the box, the top was filled with the expected green fuzzy socks and shamrock shaped dark chocolate. As they searched to the bottom of the fairly large box, they finally found why their moms agreed this might be fun night to open the package. Seven pair of adult foot pajamas. The girls were thrilled and each one rushed to the rooms to change, promising to be back in just a few minutes so that the Irish looking crew could binge watch another season of Grey’s Anatomy before thinking about studying any more. That should work, right? Watching Grey’s Anatomy is kind of like studying, isn’t it? It’s a show about doctors, it will be good enough!
Fun, Holiday Themed Matching One Piece Pajama Sets Make Great Gifts
Whether you are looking for Christmas plus size onesies for adults or Easter childrens footed pajamas, the selections are extensive. The adult footed pajama market, along with the availability of everything from infant to plus size onesies for adults, has grown extensively in the last few years as internet options have increased. Not surprisingly, nearly half of consumers prefer shopping for fashion online instead of in traditional stores. Online sleepwear options can include not only a wide variety of prints, colors, and themes, but are also able to keep everything in stock, from plus size onesies for adults to footed pajamas for men, children, and infants. This variety in styles and sizes is simply not possible in any traditional store setting, especially hard to find plus size onesies for adults.
In a time when American consumers own more then need, the one thing that is forgotten is a nice pair of pajamas. For most of us, the sleepwear we put on at night is a strange mix of faded t-shirts, worn sweatpants, and the infamous birthday suit. In fact, 61% of us say we don’t have many nightwear options. We seem to forget the nightwear when we are buying all of those dresses, shirts, skirts, and shoes. Given that many families struggle for time when they can just hang out and lounge around together, maybe a nice warm pair of footed pajamas will encourage us to spend more time with each other. Looking presentable makes it easier to head to the kitchen or the family room.
While singles and newlyweds may have negligee been tempted to buy provocative negligees, fancy nightgowns, and silk boxers, married couples and families need a different nightwear option. A warm pair of footed pajamas can be exactly what is missing from many wardrobes of many Americans. You simply do not need to be a dorm room full of college girls to appreciate a fun set of pjs.
You Are Getting Very Sleepy . . .
Although our days and early evenings are full of jobs, school, meetings, concerts, and meetings, we still need to get our rest. In fact, on average many Americans still get their recommended eight-and-a-half hours of sleep every night. That sleep, however, does not need to be a time of wearing the same old t-shirt and shorts to bed week after week. A drawer full of fuzzy, fleece pajamas can encourage you to get a good night’s rest in an outfit that you will not be embarrassed to be seen in when they neighbor rings the doorbell to let you know you left the garage door open.

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