A Modern Day Gold Rush

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While the rest of the world markets are faltering or teetering on disaster, the gold market is consistently seeing positive movements. At the end of 2012, an ounce of gold could garner its lucky owner nearly $1,700. Compared to the $800 per ounce average of buy gold Austin prior to the recession, buy gold Austin investors surely experienced a healthy return on investment.

Gold has been treasured by ancient and modern civilizations. As long ago as 1320 B.C., Egyptians drew out gold treasure maps. Later, the Incas referred to the honey colored precious substance as the tears of the sun. During the California Gold Rush, which began in the middle of the 19th century, more than 300,000 prospectors flocked out West in the hopes of a small slice of this natural fortune. According to historical gold prices, an ounce of gold in 1850 was valued at just under $19 an ounce. Considering the average annual salary for an American male was in the $300 range, an ounce or two of gold is nearly a months salary. Not a shabby find at all!

This incredibly fast increase in buy gold Austin value has led to a large number of gold buyers and sellers like cash for gold Austin, buy gold Austin, sell gold austin, and cash 4 gold austin. Gold sellers are trading in their jewelry and coins in exchange for money. Austins best gold buyers buy, trade, and sell the gold that you no longer want or need.

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