6 Surprising Items You Should Donate to Charity

Children in need clothing

If you’re thinking of donating to charity, you may automatically think of canned goods or conventional clothing donations. However, there are many essentials that charitable organizations desperately need that you may not have considered. Next time you make a charitable donation, consider including these six items:

  1. Socks: Studies have shown that Americans throw out 12 million tons of clothing and textile waste each year, so it’s no surprise that most charities get clothes donations. But one of the most important articles of clothing for those in need is also among the least likely to be donated in the first place: socks. Depending on wear, you may not be able to, or want to, donate your pre-owned socks, but since socks are relatively inexpensive and provide protection, it’s worth purchasing a new package to include in your donation.
  2. School supplies: School supplies donations are actually pretty popular in the early fall, but many kids need replacements throughout the year. Don’t give these educational tools just in September; if you give during the holidays, they’d be a welcome sight for many children and parents. Anything from pencils to backpacks will be put to good use.
  3. Blankets: Blanket donations are welcome throughout the year and across the country — even in places that you might not think about cold weather. Those who are living without proper heat access or are on the streets will appreciate an all-weather or wool blanket in your charitable donation.
  4. Feminine care products: Those of us who are more fortunate tend to take products like these for granted. The truth is that feminine care products are both expensive and necessary for women, which means they’re a great donation choice. You’d be surprised how much you could help a family and their finances by choosing to include tampons or pads in charity donations.
  5. Umbrellas: Umbrellas are often a luxury most people who benefit from charity donations cannot afford themselves. Being able to keep someone dry during inclement weather is a great idea, and although some umbrellas can be relatively inexpensive, they can also be damaged easily. This makes a new umbrella a great addition to any donation, especially if you live in a particularly rainy or snowy climate.
  6. First-aid items: It’s important to protect and heal cuts and wounds to decrease the risk of infection, but bandages are often an after-thought for many of us. Medical care items like Band-Aids or antibiotic ointment are often necessary but are difficult to access for many of those who are homeless. Consider donating bandages, antiseptic wipes, or a first-aid kit as part of your next charitable donation.

Next time you want to donate to charity, you might want to think about forgoing — or adding to — your normal routine. These items are all accepted by our facility and address needs that most people don’t think much about. If you want to find out more about items we accept or about the items that are most-needed by charitable organizations, contact us today.

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